at Careers for brain injured.com we fix social problems!

are you ready to sell your worn out property for a great cause? we Increase Equity through Renovations that support disabled individuals to work with us & help out. we add value and then flip or rent these properties.

our outcome based model for these individuals includes skills training, getting a drivers license, bookkeeping & tax support, disability tax credit & RDSP application, reduced use of services & long term financial planning. also an inclusive environment, that improves their sleeping and eating patterns is a priceless return on investment.

can you help us by providing a renovation to complete and a home to rent or resell? if we combine forces with those with disabilities to work with us It is the perfect storm of possibilities.

How we accomplish this amazing feat of increase in value, outright stunning looks and innovative wizardry is a bit of a trade secret. We have access to the latest technologies, design secrets and renovation skills.

all properties in calgary and area will be considered (within 1.5 hours)

We did the near impossible recovering from crippling mental health issues. Now we support others to do it also.

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to REQUEST An offer call Kurt at 4037716255

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6 spots left open for the 2023 season.
24 – 46yo with a brain injury or mental health issue that needs to get off their knees.Grab the FREE ebook

66 Career Tips for the Brain injured or Mentally ill.

Recommended for moderate to high-functioning individuals

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