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How long have you been battling to survive & work again?

Years is too long.

We’ll bet you thought you were alone. 65 – 75 million people endure a brain injury annually. All over the globe. After ten years 8 – 10% of the planet is recovering from a brain injury. Add mental health and PTSD. It becomes clear. Only a small portion can return to functionality given current technology.

We have hope for the few. Our Originator earned $30k – $60k US annually for 15 years. He has a thriving recovery. While many have a broken resume, he has a portfolio of success. If he took the first two courses we offer today, he could be earning within 3 days. He’s an expert now. When he started it would have taken him 2 – 4 weeks.

Can you work? Will you work? Good options are few.

Extremely sophisticated problem. Seemingly simple solution. If you get good before you get fast, you can overcome this disadvantage. If you earn more in less time, you can leverage the time loss. Leverage it back to the life you want. Wiser, stronger and better.

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Guide to a Living Wage for the Brain Injured and Mentally Ill, including PTSD.

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Recommended for moderate to high-functioning individuals

66 Career Tips is just the start to a better life…

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The Guide to A Living Wage for the Brain injured or Mentally ill
Learn ideal work for your injury or illness. Poverty is not your destiny. There is hope.

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If you are a Parent, Sibling or Spouse get The companion to The Guide…
The Caregivers Guide to Maxing out Their Potential*
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*Also Includes our video WORKSHOP for a limited time 26 min.

*All Clients take our courses as a responsibility that comes with work requirements with the ultimate objective to become stronger & more independent. All projects & courses that are started must be completed within 3 months, including assignments. Support Is provided to do so.